Advanced Long/Short, Relative Value 

Plantingfield Partners’ long/short U.S. equity strategy is an intuitive, yet logical relative value approach that seeks opportunities in which equity securities (stocks) become mispriced relative to peers. When such opportunities are discovered, we purchase the relatively underpriced security and sell short an equal dollar amount of the relatively over-priced security, profiting when the relative values of the two companies revert back towards their mean relationship. 

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

Clients have their own, individual accounts with an independent broker-dealer who serves as custodian. Plantingfield Partners is granted a limited power of attorney by its clients to execute its proprietary strategy for the separate account.

The strategy is  managed as if it were a single portfolio, fund, or pooled investment product. Positions are purchased and sold for the entire strategy and then allocated proportionally to each separate account.

The accounts, their securities, and their funds remain the sole property of each client. As such, clients have complete access to their accounts at all times. The investment adviser has discretionary authority to manage the investment portfolio, but has no power or authority over the deposit, withdrawal, or transfer funds. The broker-dealer provides clients with all trading confirmations, documentation, and forms, while charging all appropriate fees directly to each client.


We firmly believe that our job is to make our clients money and to limit their risk.  As such, we should only be compensated if we do our job, and by how well we do it.  Therefore, to satisfy this conviction, and to best align our own interests with those of our clients, we offer our services to qualified investors on an performance-fee-only basis.


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